As much as I HATE modern feminism (and I hate it with a passion), if you think about it, it was inevitable.

Modern feminism is what happens when the damn bursts on a lifetime of suppressed resentments towards weak men.

Although modern feminists don’t want to admit it, the majority of them have either no relationships with their fathers or very bad relationships. Not only did their fathers fail them, but once they grew up, they discovered that the majority of men were equally as weak.

Feminists may wish to deny their nature, but whether they like it or not, it cannot be changed. The fact is that the feminine nature is eternally drawn to the masculine.

True masculinity is no more “toxic” than true femininity. Make no mistake, both are capable of becoming toxic if left unbalanced. This is all part of the original design. The sexes were created to need each other – to seek the balance that the opposite sex was created to provide. We are each other’s antidotes, without whom, we would self-destruct on the unbalanced dose of our own toxicity.

If you wonder what toxic femininity looks like, go to a women’s march or “slut walk” or any other place where feminists gather. Such places are filled with women who have never known any sort of relationship with strong, masculine men. On the contrary, these women have grown up in a world where men refuse to become the strong, principled leaders they’re designed to be. After knowing only weak men, these women became toxic feminists.

I don’t know what happened to men over the past 50+ years that caused them to become such weak, beta boys. And although it sounds heartless, it doesn’t really matter anymore. All that matters is the present and the future. So regardless of how men lost their masculinity, what matters is what they’re willing to do about it now.

Men were created first. They were created to lead, protect, and provide. Men were NOT created to b*tch and moan on YouTube while sitting in their parents’ basements. Just like fish don’t need permission to swim, men don’t need permission to lead. And until they step up and be the strong leaders they were made to be, the world will only get worse and we will all become more toxic to ourselves and everyone around us.