It’s easy to blame the government, politicians, and the like for our problems and for “what’s wrong in America today”. Trust me, I know the feeling. But, recently, I was struck by a random and unwelcome notion that we have all been letting ourselves off the hook… BIG TIME.

After all, who are our politicians and what is our culture, if not mirrors reflecting the individuals whom those politicians represent and whom that culture comprises? They are nothing without us.

Think about this, our politics and culture are a greater reflection on us than our own children. Children can and are influenced by their parents, but at the end of the day, kids have their own minds and will make their own choices. Our politics and culture, on the other hand, do not possess any sort of autonomy separate from the people they represent. Both rely entirely on us and have no identity other than that which we give them. Yet if our children go out and make horrible decisions, we feel responsible (at least in part), so how much more responsible are we for our own politics and culture?

We need to stop blaming the mirror for our reflection.